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Printing Help and FAQs


Turnaround Time

We start counting the turnaround time when you approve your order to print. If your order a hard sample proof, turnaround begins when we receive proof approval. Minimum sample proof charge is $10.


Hard sample proofs are recommended for any job that is colour-sensitive. Sample proofs are the only way to go guarantee that you get exactly what you want. Turnaround time does not begin until the proof has been approved.

File Types

We recommend the following file formats: PDF, PS, EPS, PSD, TIF and JPG. Some formats produce better results than other. PDF, PS and EPS are vector formats that produce better results for text than raster formats such as PSD, TIF or JPG.

CMYK Colour Mode

The colour mode of submitted files must be CMYK. If your files are submitted using any other colour standard, such as RGB or Pantone, they will be converted to CMYK. Conversion from one colour standard to another may cause colours to shift.

More info about CMYK & RGB

Resolution (dpi - dots per inch)

For an image to print properly, the image must be at 150-300dpi at the final printed size. DO NOT try to change from a low resolution to a higher one by increasing the PDI in your image program.


1-Lower than the above values will result in a pixelated, lower quality image.

2-Higher than the above values increases file size, processing time and ink density without any quality benefits.

Outlined Fonts

When submitting EPS or PDF files, you must convert your fonts into outlined fonts. Outlining eliminates the need to send fonts with your files, while maintaining a nice, crisp typeface.

Rich Black

When you want an area of solid black within a document, 100% black (K) does not produce a solid, saturated black. For best results, use Rich Black, as represented by C:30% / M:30% / Y:30% / K:100%.

     Rich Black - (a solid black)         100% Black - (not a solid black)
     C=30%M=30%Y=30%K=100%    C=0%M=0%Y=0%K=100%


Embed (PDF) or outline (EPS) all fonts used.
When converting type to paths/outlines/ curves, remember that stray points still contain fonts. These stray points need to be deleted.


Do not lock or hide anything (all objects/elements/layers should be visible and selectable.)


No guides are to be present. (Delete/clear them - do not hide them)